New v1.14+ Features

This changelog contains future changes coming soon to 1.14+


-Tweaked various tree leave colors & dulled the vibrancy 

-Added 2 different Oak leaf variants with 3D Apples

-Dimmed Sugar Cane winter vibrancy

-Added more Pumpkin color variants

-Added more Fern & Grass variants

-Added more Brown & Red Mushroom variants

-Golden Mushrooms now have a 'glistening/shiny' effect

-Added more Grass block variants w/ 3D debris such as stones 

-Re-textured Vine block

-Added second Vine variant

-Tweaked Oak log variants to match the new 1.14 textures

-Added Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle and Spruce log variants similar to the Oak log variants

-Re-textured Apple item again

-Tweaked Spring and Autumn colors of most flower 'stems'

-Added a more realistic color palette for Autumn Oak Leaves

Mushroom Variants
Red Mushroom Large
Red Mushroom Couple
Red Mushroom Cluster
Brown Rollrim
Brown Mushroom Large
Shaggy Mane
Crimini Mushrooms
White Mushrooms
Golden Mushroom (Rare)
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New Autumn Color Scheme for Oak Leaves

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