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Frequently Asked Questions & Things

This page will hopefully help you figure any concerns or bugs you may experience ingame!
Few things you should know:
- It is required to use Optifine to have the customs colors work!
- Use corresponding versions of the pack, Optifine and addons (ie Mes'easons Core pack for 1.13 requires Optifine 1.13 and so on!)
- Play with 'Fancy' Graphics settings on via the video settings!
- If Swamps aren't 'seasoned' or look weird, odds are "Swamp Colors" are turned "on" found in video settings/details -> Swamp Colors (Turn off to fix, and swamps should be seasoned correctly)
- Each version states an estimated time length for seasons: this refers to per season (For verylong version, each season is 10mc days long: so a total of 40mc days!)
Q: Do I need forge, twitch or any other client/mod to run this?
A: No as this is a texture pack and requires nothing other than Optifine to run properly
Q: Is this compatible with Serene Seasons or other mods that include Seasons?
A: No, not technically, the time length for seasons in Mes'easons is not sync'd with any other mod or even other season texture packs! and to continue-no theres no plans to make Mes'easons compatible with them!
Q: Why are the leaves filled with white backgrounds?
A: You are playing with 'fast' graphics via video settings: simply switch it to fancy and it should be fixed!
Q: Is there a 1.12 version?
A: Yes, I have recently released a new 1.12.2 pack that includes everything from the 1.13 version! Solo seasons and the Better Tree Addon will also be coming to 1.12.2 later this year! -2019
Q: Will the Wildnature Seasons Addon come out for 1.14?
A: Yes there will be a Mes'easons Wildnature Addon for 1.14, as soon as the official release for the mod is released for 1.14, won't be long for Mes'easons to follow up with a release!
Don't be afraid to ask a question, or to point out an error/bug: head over to my contact page!
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