All v1.16+ Features

The following features are currently available in my latest version for 1.12 to 1.16!

General Features

-All Tulips get single and triple styled textures

-Few extra colored Tulips added along with their single and triple styled textures

-Dandelions also get single and triple style 

-Poppies, Blue Orchids, Azure Bluets, Allium, Oxeye Daisies re-textured, along with all other flowers

-Brown and Red mushrooms re-textured 

-Ferns, Tall Grass, and their double block variants re-textured

-Leaf blocks re-textured

-Vines, Waterlily's, Saplings re-textured

-Grass block top and sides re-textured

-Double block flowers (Rose Bush, Lilacs etc) re-textured

-All crops including Cocoa Beans, Pumpkins, Melons and Jack O Lanterns re-textured

-Farm land blocks re-textured

-All biomes are affected by the seasons (deserts are too but since they contain almost no plants excluding Cactus, village crops and Sugar cane, there's no huge change)

-Lily pads have multiple variants/styles, some with lily flowers

-Coral 'plants' go through seasonal changes

-Cacti re-textured, and added multiple variants

-Added multiple variants of Oak logs

-Mushroom blocks re-textured

-Grass path re-textured, with different variants of 'stone pathways'

-Podzol, Mycelium re-textured

-Potatoes, Carrots, Golden Carrots, Melon Slices, Apples, Beets re-textured

-Wheat item and Hay bales re-textured


-Oak trees, birch trees, jungle trees bloom with flowers. Vines and waterlily's also bloom their own flowers

-Grass blocks brighten up with a green-blue color

-Flowers bloom with color

-Oak, birch and jungle saplings also appear to bloom with flowers

-Sugar cane brighten up a little

-Farm land blocks sprout weed/crop buds when wet


-Blossoms disappear off tree leaves, vines and waterlily's

-Leaves darken up, along with grass blocks, tall grass, ferns, vines

-Dandelions change to their stupid white fluffy state that sticks to your clothes

-Saplings darken up in color

-Spruce trees dry out and brown, including in sapling form

-Sugar cane darkens very little


-Oak trees turn red

-Birch trees turn yellow

-Dark oak trees turn orange, same with Acacia but a more yellow orange

-Spruce trees turn green again

-Jungle, and acacia leaves turn a little orangey-brown

-Saplings match their leave block colors

-Vines, waterlily's, sugar cane, flowers, tall grass, ferns, crops wilt in color(they brown up)

-Flowers close up their way to describe it

-Grass blocks brown up as well

-Dandelions come back (yellow) and start their annoying breeding process again as they do sometimes....

-Mushrooms change in color just for fun really, just to bring different atmosphere feels


-All leaves excluding spruce leaves, turn white

-Spruce leaves turn green-blue and get dusted with snow

-Flowers including double block flowers, ferns and tall grass get frosty white

-Sugar cane turns icy blue

-Vines and water lily's also get frosty white

-Crops get frosty and freeze, but they still grow.... don't ask how, it's just magic

-Farm land blocks contain frozen pockets of moisture/water

-Water melon and pumpkins(including jack o lanterns) get covered in snow

-Saplings leaves turn white

-Grass blocks turn white/covered in snow

1.14 Additions & Features

-Tweaked various tree leave colors & dulled the vibrancy 

-Added 2 different Oak leaf variants with 3D Apples

-Dimmed Sugar Cane winter vibrancy

-Added more Pumpkin color variants

-Added more Fern & Grass variants

-Added more Brown & Red Mushroom variants

-Golden Mushrooms now have a 'glistening/shiny' effect

-Added more Grass block variants w/ 3D debris such as stones 

-Re-textured Vine block

-Added second Vine variant

-Tweaked Oak log variants to match the new 1.14 textures

-Added Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle and Spruce log variants similar to the Oak log variants

-Re-textured Apple item again

-Tweaked Spring and Autumn colors of most flower 'stems'

-Added a more realistic color palette for Autumn Oak Leaves

Mushroom Variants
Red Mushroom Large
Red Mushroom Large
press to zoom
Red Mushroom Couple
Red Mushroom Couple
press to zoom
Red Mushroom Cluster
Red Mushroom Cluster
press to zoom
Brown Rollrim
Brown Rollrim
press to zoom
Brown Mushroom Large
Brown Mushroom Large
press to zoom
Shaggy Mane
Shaggy Mane
press to zoom
Crimini Mushrooms
Crimini Mushrooms
press to zoom
White Mushrooms
White Mushrooms
press to zoom
Golden Mushroom (Rare)
Golden Mushroom (Rare)
press to zoom

1.16 Additions & Features

-Netherrack has seasonal effects

-Nether Wart, item and Wart block have seasonal effects

-All new plants (warped & crimson) have seasonal effects

-Warped and Crimson logs have various textures

-Peony bush reworked

-Various textures tweaked and fixed

-Bugs fixed >.>