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All v1.16+ Features

The following features are currently available in my latest version for 1.12 to 1.16!

General Features

-All Tulips get single and triple styled textures

-Few extra colored Tulips added along with their single and triple styled textures

-Dandelions also get single and triple style 

-Poppies, Blue Orchids, Azure Bluets, Allium, Oxeye Daisies re-textured, along with all other flowers

-Brown and Red mushrooms re-textured 

-Ferns, Tall Grass, and their double block variants re-textured

-Leaf blocks re-textured

-Vines, Waterlily's, Saplings re-textured

-Grass block top and sides re-textured

-Double block flowers (Rose Bush, Lilacs etc) re-textured

-All crops including Cocoa Beans, Pumpkins, Melons and Jack O Lanterns re-textured

-Farm land blocks re-textured

-All biomes are affected by the seasons (deserts are too but since they contain almost no plants excluding Cactus, village crops and Sugar cane, there's no huge change)

-Lily pads have multiple variants/styles, some with lily flowers

-Coral 'plants' go through seasonal changes

-Cacti re-textured, and added multiple variants

-Added multiple variants of Oak logs

-Mushroom blocks re-textured

-Grass path re-textured, with different variants of 'stone pathways'

-Podzol, Mycelium re-textured

-Potatoes, Carrots, Golden Carrots, Melon Slices, Apples, Beets re-textured

-Wheat item and Hay bales re-textured


-Oak trees, birch trees, jungle trees bloom with flowers. Vines and waterlily's also bloom their own flowers

-Grass blocks brighten up with a green-blue color

-Flowers bloom with color

-Oak, birch and jungle saplings also appear to bloom with flowers

-Sugar cane brighten up a little

-Farm land blocks sprout weed/crop buds when wet


-Blossoms disappear off tree leaves, vines and waterlily's

-Leaves darken up, along with grass blocks, tall grass, ferns, vines

-Dandelions change to their stupid white fluffy state that sticks to your clothes

-Saplings darken up in color

-Spruce trees dry out and brown, including in sapling form

-Sugar cane darkens very little


-Oak trees turn red

-Birch trees turn yellow

-Dark oak trees turn orange, same with Acacia but a more yellow orange

-Spruce trees turn green again

-Jungle, and acacia leaves turn a little orangey-brown

-Saplings match their leave block colors

-Vines, waterlily's, sugar cane, flowers, tall grass, ferns, crops wilt in color(they brown up)

-Flowers close up their way to describe it

-Grass blocks brown up as well

-Dandelions come back (yellow) and start their annoying breeding process again as they do sometimes....

-Mushrooms change in color just for fun really, just to bring different atmosphere feels


-All leaves excluding spruce leaves, turn white

-Spruce leaves turn green-blue and get dusted with snow

-Flowers including double block flowers, ferns and tall grass get frosty white

-Sugar cane turns icy blue

-Vines and water lily's also get frosty white

-Crops get frosty and freeze, but they still grow.... don't ask how, it's just magic

-Farm land blocks contain frozen pockets of moisture/water

-Water melon and pumpkins(including jack o lanterns) get covered in snow

-Saplings leaves turn white

-Grass blocks turn white/covered in snow

1.14 Additions & Features

-Tweaked various tree leave colors & dulled the vibrancy 

-Added 2 different Oak leaf variants with 3D Apples

-Dimmed Sugar Cane winter vibrancy

-Added more Pumpkin color variants

-Added more Fern & Grass variants

-Added more Brown & Red Mushroom variants

-Golden Mushrooms now have a 'glistening/shiny' effect

-Added more Grass block variants w/ 3D debris such as stones 

-Re-textured Vine block

-Added second Vine variant

-Tweaked Oak log variants to match the new 1.14 textures

-Added Acacia, Birch, Dark Oak, Jungle and Spruce log variants similar to the Oak log variants

-Re-textured Apple item again

-Tweaked Spring and Autumn colors of most flower 'stems'

-Added a more realistic color palette for Autumn Oak Leaves

Mushroom Variants

1.16 Additions & Features

-Netherrack has seasonal effects

-Nether Wart, item and Wart block have seasonal effects

-All new plants (warped & crimson) have seasonal effects

-Warped and Crimson logs have various textures

-Peony bush reworked

-Various textures tweaked and fixed

-Bugs fixed >.>

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