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Support Mods and Addons

This is where I will list mods that are required, recommended and supported addons for mods such as WildNature!


You should probably download Optifine!

Link to Optifine's official website through here! Extra info.


Shader Packs

Seus, Continuum, KUDA

A variety of Shader Packs I've included for you to select from if you'd like to play with.


Wild Nature

Information on Wildnature

Check out this wonderful mod! I'm helping make it ;P

A huge thanks to zoombaz, OfficialMihro, friends and family for helping with bugfixes, texture ideas, and motivation and confidence!
Thankyou as well to nihiltres for permission to use his 3D Lily Flower code, to use on the Lily Pad texture!
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