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How to Install

If you haven't already downloaded and installed Optifine, please do so. You can visit the 'Support Mods/Addons' page and it will direct you to the official Optifine site.

Head to the downloads page and choose which Pack you would like to play with, click download and it will direct you to the official CurseForge website and there you can click download. Once the Pack is downloaded, simply place it in your resource pack folder, and then load up MineCraft and select the Pack via the Resource Pack option.

To play with the Better Trees Addon(BTA), download the Core Pack and BTA Pack. In MineCraft Resource Pack Menu, select both resource packs and have the BTA above the Core Pack.

Also recommended to play with 'Fancy' Graphics via the video settings in MineCraft!

(With Fast Graphics enabled, white texturing will appear within the leaf blocks, enable Fancy to avoid this!)

and that's it... Enjoy!!

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