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Mes'easons 1.19+ Released!!!!

Yay finally its released, right? ahaha

New Mangrove biome now goes through seasonal changes!

Various other texture updates and additions

Be sure to also check out the Better Nature Addon which is also officially released for 1.19!

There a whole bunch of new variants and textures for specific biomes and elevations!

Like, Seagrass at land level turns into cat tails!!!! and grass in the savannah biome turns into prairie grass!!!!

Be sure to add it on.... I mean its called an addon anyways so DO IT!!! :D

Thankyou everyone for sticking around and hope you enjoy!!

Also feel free to join the discord for direct contact and conversation as well as bug reporting!!! You can also share your beautiful discoveries in minecraft by posting screenshots!

Stay tuned for more information on updates such as 1.20 (currently in the works for a release soon too!!!!)


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