Download Mes'easons Wild Nature Addon

Version 1.12.2 (Requires Optifine, Forge & Wild Nature Mod)
This texturepack includes both the Wild Nature Addon and the Core Mes'easons Texturepack for 1.12.2!


Time Length Estimated: 12secs

This is the shortest version available, mainly for testing purposes.


Time Length Estimated: 1.6MC Days

This version is for those who wish to go through the seasons at a slow pace but quick enough to not wait forever for. Ideal for small adventure maps.


Time Length Estimated: 5MC Days

Is 10Days taking too long? You ever see summer? No? Well this pack being 5Days per seasons makes it more viable to play with!


Time Length Estimated: 10MC Days

The Very Long version is the best and most popular option, mainly for playing survival, on servers, longer/bigger adventure maps and even for YouTube series.

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