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It's Been Some Time

I mentioned late last year that I would try and get some more packs out throughout the early winter. Unfortunately with work, holidays and family taking hold I was unable to complete my goals. With the holidays over and the start of this new year, I'll be slowly inching my way back to work with my texturepack! I've just released the Better Trees Addon (BTA) for version 1.12.2!!!!!

Currently slowly working away at solo seasons for 1.12.2!

For the new year:

-Enhanced BTA packs and will be renamed to Better Nature Addon (BNA)

-WildNature 1.14


-Will keep the bushy leaves ofcourse

-Will add connected textures to ground blocks such as grass, sand, dirt, gravel, podzol, mycelium and red sand

-Adding 3D flower textures to the cactus

-Variants of 3D debris found on sand (stones, shells)

-Looking at possibly uneven sugar cane textures found at the top of the plant

-Falling leaves from leaf blocks

-More to decide on


-Updating to 1.14

-Many many many.... crap ton of variant textures.... aha

Future of Meseasons Texture Pack:

-Will 100% update for 1.16, SO EXCITED for nether biomes. Have so many ideas that will enchance the nether experience which adding seasonal effects to netherwarts and possibly soul sand will come with!

-Possibly seasonal mobs.... if I can get it to work.


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