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Meseasons 1.16 Coming Soon!

Let me just start off and say I hope you all are safe and well, so far 2020 has been well, less than a spiders turd stain... aha life has been up and down and definitely busy for the last while.

The busy-ness has decreased which has now allowed me to get cracking at the 1.16 update for Meseasons!

The 1.16 update for Meseasons will be specifically for version 1.16.2! If you wish to play for 1.16.1 or even 1.15versions, you will have to tweak the pack format in the texturepack files. Will describe and explain in the 'About' -> 'Installation' Tab later on (Stay tuned)

What to expect for version 1.16?

-Nether Seasons :P

-Yes Seasons in the Nether!

-Seasons have their own erie twist and colors that seemed to work best for the biomes available!

-Few tweaks and fixes

-Reworked peony bush texture

Pictures coming soon!

Thankyou all for your patience and support, love you all!

Expected release date: mid September....19th-26th maybe sooner :o <3


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Any update on the release? I’ve been checking the website an unhealthy amount of times in the past few weeks, waiting for the exact moment it drops!


Sep 15, 2020

I love meseasons so much cant wait!

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