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Meseasons 1.18 Coming SOON!!!!

Hello everyone!

I know you have waited a long time, but hold on to your seats a little bit longer (week or two) cause Meseasons is coming to Minecraft version 1.18!!!

I do plan on releasing a version for 1.17 just to fill in the gap, but with 1.19 on the way I have prioritized releasing for 1.18 first.

What to expect with 1.18:

Seasons for the new plants like Azalea bushes/leaves

Cave vines

Drip leaves


Ect ect

Also with Meseasons 1.18:

More flower variants for Lilac, Rose bushes, peonies, Sunflowers, Lily of the valley and corn flower

Sugar variants

More vine variants

Bug fixes, texture fixes and reworks

As well expect the addons and solo seasons to be updated as well along side the core pack!

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