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New Releases!!!!!

Some big news, I have finally worked on and released Mes'easons Solo Seasons and Better Nature(Trees) Addon for version 1.16+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About time right? aha... XD

Anyways yes, Solo seasons are out for 1.16.5, same for Better Nature Addon.

Better trees addon was renamed to Better Nature Addon, as there are now connected textures for grass, sand, gravel, mycelium, podzol, redsand, both warped and crimson nylium, coarse dirt, they connect and overlay eachother as well as various types of stone and netherrack!

A few more bug fixes and tweaks, as well as completely reworked melon and few other reworked/tweaked textures such as potato, carrots, melon slice, peony, rosebush and few others!

Thankyou all and enjoy!!

Be sure to report any bugs you may find -_- I seem to miss some here n there aha

Love you all -mesaacr

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