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I can't, I'm mind blown.... I never would've thought my texturepack would hit well over 10,000 downloads on just one available option (VeryLong for 1.14) and not to mention well over 20,000+ downloads combined from all packs!

I've seen many videos and lets plays over the past month, and it means alot that you all love my texturepack. I can't really explain how deep the appreciation is in my heart.

Just, thankyou and much Love and Respect <3 I am looking forward to what I have to bring for future updates for you all to enjoy.

Look forward to a new length version (5Days) which will obviously be 5 days per season xD for each available pack (1.12.2, 1.13, 1.14, better trees, and wildnature)

Also look forward to Better trees and Solo seasons coming to 1.12.2!

oh and WildNature 1.14 is still in progress both the mod and seasons texturepack, no solid release date for seasons pack yet!

Once 5Days and BTA+SoloSeasons come out for 1.12.2 I will be more absent, apologies ahead of time but as with the Holidays of Christmas almost around the corner.... seriously its gonna sneak up on us.... I will be very busy with family and won't have much time to work, but expect some huge things to come as 1.15 release and the future of 1.16, as well as the eventual release of Biomes O Plenty support with seasons!

Phew thats alot of words... anyways, again THANKYOU SO MUCH and I love you all!!!!!!!!!! :D

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